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1:34:36 • In this episode, we announce our plan for reopening the cinema to the public after 14 months of darkness, and we return to our 20th anniversary celebration by highlighting some of the 400 films The Brattle has premiered during the past 20 years.

Films Discussed: Audition, Million Dollar Hotel, Everything Put Together, In Praise of Love, The Time of the Wolf, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Memories of Murder, The Salton Sea, Under the Silver Lake, Mutual Appreciation, Daddy Longlegs, La Cienaga, Hannah Takes the Stairs, Chop Shop, I Am Big Bird, Snowpiercer, Infernal affairs, The Little Hours, Harold & Lillian: A Love Story, The Babadook, Pearl Jam Twenty, Birdemic, Kill List, Inland Empire, and more!

The Brattle Film Podcast is the official podcast of Boston’s unofficial film school: The Brattle Theatre. Join Ivy, Ned, Alissa, and Ian as they discuss the latest virtual and theatrical releases, festival programming, upcoming series, Brattle news, and more, every month on The Brattle Film Podcast. Comments, questions, and feedback always welcome at

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