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35mm film is integral to film history.

As the ability to handle and project film prints becomes rarer, we also lose access to the full range of film history, and with that usually comes the loss of films. Without the ability to project on film, only those titles that have been preserved digitally would be available to screen — and that represents only a small portion of cinematic history.

Recently, the cost of screening on 35mm has increased significantly, as film prints become harder to obtain and distributors reduce their investment in them. In 2019, it cost an average of $500 to pay for the rights and shipping for a 35mm title. The cost for the same film today now averages $1,000 per print.

The Brattle has launched the 35mm Film Fund to address these issues. As a donor to our 35mm Film Fund you will not only provide the support we need to maintain our repertory programming model, but you will ensure we can continue to screen 35mm at our current level (30% of our overall programming), or even increase it!

Your donation will maintain our film projection equipment, train future 35mm projectionists, and ensure that The Brattle will be able to maintain 35mm screenings well into the future.

As a special perk, donors to the Film Fund will receive an exclusive invitation to a private screening of a special 35mm print each year.

Make a Donation

If you want to make a bigger impact, you can also support the 35mm Film Fund by joining our Celluloid Circle or Curator’s Circle. For more information on these leadership giving circles for the 35mm Film Fund, contact Ivy Moylan at

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