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Poster for Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Opens on July 4

Director: Jean Cocteau Run Time: 93 min min. Format: 35mm Film Release Year: 1946

Starring: Jean Marais, Josette Day

Showing Sunday 7/4 @ 12:00 pm and Wednesday 7/7 @ 4:30, 7:30

75th Aniversary!

The classic fairy tale is gorgeously and hauntingly adapted for the cinema by renowned artistic polymath Jean Cocteau. As punishment for a minor transgression perpetrated by her father, a young woman named Belle (Day) is sent to live in the castle of a mysterious noble who turns out to be a literal beast – at least in appearance. The Beast (played by Cocteau’s muse and lover Jean Marais) is, in fact, a cursed gentleman who falls swiftly in love with the kind and beautiful Belle and struggles to win her affections. A truly magical cinematic masterpiece.

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