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Poster for Berberian Sound Studio
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Berberian Sound Studio

Opens on April 12

Director: Peter Strickland Run Time: 92 min. Format: Digital Projection Release Year: 2012

Starring: Toby Jones

In Peter Strickland’s surreal and twisted thriller, Toby Jones plays Gilderoy, a mild-mannered British sound recordist who is unexpectedly hired to perform his duties for an Italian production called The Equestrian Vortex. At first thinking that it is a nature film, Gilderoy goes along even though he cannot speak Italian but, when he discovers that he is working on a gory horror movie, his carefully maintained veneer begins to crack. Jones’ performance is painfully contained, and the gorgeously stylized period piece of the film reflects that containment until both erupt in a bold, unrestrained, and mind-bending conclusion.

In English, Italian and Greek with English subtitles


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