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Poster for BUFF Shorts: Destination

BUFF Shorts: Destination

Opens on March 26

Director: Various Run Time: 91 min.

Animated Shorts Program

Mature themes — this program is not suitable for children.

Are you questioning the meaning of life? Wondering where to go, what to do next? Yeah, these past few years have caused us all to confront some existential dread. Where we are feels wrong, but conceiving of somewhere else seems impossible. These twelve films will not provide answers, but they may offer some new questions to ponder.

In this mesmerizing block of animated shorts we question the choices that have been made by and for us. Our frustration with the status quo is confronted – do we acquiesce or resist? Perhaps we simply watch it unfold. Wanderers look for meaning and cigarettes, creators make and destroy their creations, outcasts struggle for their individuality, dreamers dream of bread, we fight our environment and the environment fights back. Maybe the real destination is the surrealism we meet along the way.

– Rebekah Murphy


! / Elaina Couse / United States
Ascension / Griffin Roessler / United States
Disappearing Acts / Sarah E. Jenkins / United States
Drifter / Joost Jansen / Belgium
HORSE / Diana Gong / United States
Hospes / Stephanie Williams / United States
Perfect City: The Mother / Shengwei Zhou / United States
Somebody Take the Wheel / Kenzie Sutton / United States
Speck / Diane Christiansen / United States
The Flypaper Spectacular / Luke Liberty / United States
THE SPRAYER / Farnoosh Abedi / Iran
Today, I Will Be The Bread / Andrew Cahill / United States

Tickets for this special screening are $15 general public / $13 students, seniors, Brattle members. No Brattle passes accepted

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