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Dancing Queen

Opens on January 15

Director: Aurora Langaas Gossé Run Time: 91 min. Format: Digital Projection Release Year: 2023 Language: Norwegian with English subtitles

Starring: Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Andrea Bræin Hovig, Cengiz Al, Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson, Viljar Knutsen Bjaadal

Belmont World Film Family Festival 2024

Age 8+ • When you’re 12, it can be hard to have the time of your life! Full of self-doubt, awkward 12 year-old Mina nonetheless challenges herself to take part in a dance competition at school, in part to win the heart of a famous hip hop dancer who moves to her town. With the support of her spirited grandmother, whose candid advice is always an invitation to laugh, she progresses from an awkward initial audition to a final show-stopping number, learning along the way what’s important.

Sponsored by the Norwegian Consulate General in New York


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