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Days of Heaven

Opens on April 26

Director: Terrence Malick Run Time: 94 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1978

Starring: Brooke Adams, Linda Manz, Richard Gere, Sam Shepard

New 4K Restoration

Friday, April 26 – Sunday, April 28

“Nobody’s perfect. There was never a perfect person around. You just have half-angel, half-devil in you.” Linda Manz’s twelve-year-old narrator with the bizarre brogue has seen it all: love, death, and a plague of locusts. It’s 1916, and Chicagoans Richard Gere, little sister Manz, and lover Brooke Adams head for the Texas Panhandle to work the wheat fields of a prosperous farmer (Shepard). An ensuing marriage is only the beginning of a bizarre love triangle, ending with violent death amid a spectacular locust plague and a manhunt for a killer.

“This is the towering, unconventional power of a true artist.” – Ian Nathan, Empire Magazine

“Almost incontestably the most gorgeously photographed film ever made.” – Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

Staff Pick!

“Why haven’t I seen this movie yet? Shame. Shame!” – Tom R.

“Terrence Malick’s gorgeous rendering of the early 20th century with great performances that buoy the fantastic shots that Malick gets in this picture. The shot of the locusts rising out of the field (apparantly peanut shells air dropped and shot in reverse) is still mesmerizing decades later.” – James D.


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