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Fear and Desire

Opens on March 30

Director: Stanley Kubrick Run Time: 62 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1953

Starring: Frank Silvera, Kenneth Harp, Paul Mazursky, Stephen Coit, Virginia Leith

New 4K Restoration! The Uncut Premiere Version!

In this existential drama—which has the feeling of a waking dream rather than a conventional war film—four soldiers return to their senses after crash-landing in a forest behind enemy lines. Blindly navigating their way back to their unit, they attack an isolated cabin occupied by enemy soldiers, then apprehend a peasant woman (Leith) who is tormented by the deranged young soldier assigned to guard her (Mazursky). On the verge of freedom, they discover an outpost of enemy officers, and must decide whether to slip silently past or stage a violent confrontation with their doppelgängers. 

Haunted by negative reactions upon its release, Stanley Kubrick pulled FEAR AND DESIRE from theaters to re-edit it and, ultimately, disowned the film. For decades, only the truncated 62-minute version was thought to exist. Until recently, that is, when the Library of Congress came into possession of the original 70-minute cut. Now, seven decades later, audiences can finally see FEAR AND DESIRE as it was first released and witness the tentative blossoming of 23-year-old Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic genius. – adapted from notes by KinoLorber 

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