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Poster for Game Hawker

Game Hawker

Opens on July 22

Director: Brett Marty, Joshua Izenberg Run Time: 25 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2022

Starring: Shawn Hayes

Presented by Patagonia

Shawn Hayes leads a life of devotion. For him, falconry is more than a deep partnership with raptors: it’s his life’s work. As an American falconry ambassador, he’s carved a space for himself where people of color haven’t always been welcome. It’s taken him across the globe, into strongholds of tradition and conservation. This film is about more than what humans can train birds to do—it’s about what those birds can teach us about living in partnership with wild creatures and wild places.

Join Patagonia Cambridge and Patagonia Boston on Saturday, July 22 for an engaging evening.

7pm: Food and drink at Patagonia Cambridge
7:30pm: Walk across the street to The Brattle Theater
7:45pm: Film
8:15pm: Q&A with Shawn Hayes

Shawn Hayes is a world-renowned falconer and raptor conservationist. His interest in birds started at the young age of 8 years old in Southern California, when he acquired his first hawk. For the past three decades Shawn has resided in the Eastern Sierras in the areas of Bishop, CA and Mammoth Lakes CA. A perfect area where he has access to the many acres of public land to enjoy his practice of falconry, along with raptor and bird watching.

Shawn has flown and hunted with the many different species of raptors. His passion is handling and working with falcons. Shawn also played a key role with recovery of the Peregrine falcon in California, while working with the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group.

Shawn is recognized for his ability to build relationships with the falcons he handles, flies and hunts. For the falcons he trains, he strives to create a flying style close to how falcons fly and hunt in the wild. His greatest enjoyment is simply watching his falcons fly. Shawn feels a sense of urgency to educate falconers and non-falconers alike about the challenges raptors face, such as loss of habitat and diminishing food supply. With his many years of experience, he has been invited to travel the world, sharing his knowledge on both falconry and raptor conservation.

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