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Harriet the Spy

Opens on July 3

Director: Bronwen Hughes Run Time: 100 min. Format: 35mm Film Release Year: 1996

Starring: Eartha Kitt, Gregory Smith, Michelle Trachtenberg, Robert Joy, Rosie O'Donnell, Vanessa Lee Chester

Showing Saturday 7/3 @ 12:00 pm and Tuesday 7/6 @ 4:30, 7:30 pm

25th Anniversary!

One of our silver linings during the “Pandemic Pause” was revisiting a lot of nostalgic films, and this 90s dramedy was one of our favorites. Michelle Trachtenberg plays Harriet, a misfit tween girl who has a predilection for spying and, unfortunately, writing down all of the juicy tidbits she finds out about her friends and neighbors. When her beloved nanny is fired, Harriet sinks into a depression and pushes away her only friends. Then her notebooks are stolen and her spiteful, private writings are exposed to her classmates. Harriet has hit ‘rock bottom’ and must work her way back into the lives of her friends and family. At times a screwball comedy, at times a semi-serious look at pre-teen depression, HARRIET THE SPY is an off-the-wall coming of age film for the Nickelodeon generation.


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