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In a Violent Nature

Opens on March 23

Director: Chris Nash Run Time: 94 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2024

Starring: Charlotte Creaghan, Liam Leone, Ry Barrett

East Coast Premiere

If you’ve ever wondered what a deconstructionist slasher film would look like, you’ve found your answer in In a Violent Nature. All the elements are here: clueless teenagers awaken an unstoppable killing machine as he embarks on a murderous rampage in the wilderness. Bodies fall, blood sprays and limbs are torn off as per usual. But there’s something very different going on under the hood here. We’re stuck with our murderous protagonist throughout the entire runtime. 

The film begins with Johnny, our zombie-like murderer, awakening from his slumber in the depths of the forest. His peaceful existence is interrupted by the sounds of teenagers partying nearby, who unwittingly disturb his dead mother’s necklace buried in the earth. As Johnny emerges from his hiding place, the audience is thrust into his perspective, experiencing the world through his fractured mind. The sounds of the forest blend with dialogue that only gets audible when Johnny is within earshot of the speaker, creating an intricate and immersive sound design that draws viewers deeper into his psyche. 

In a Violent Nature gleefully acknowledges the silliness of its setup, and moments of mirth abound. Questions like “How did Jason get his mask?” are addressed and the absurdity of the moment is punctuated whenever Johnny moves in for the kill. Just when you might be tricked into thinking you’re watching a nature documentary, a gruesome death will occur onscreen. The AMSR-like foley effects only draw your attention to the lack of a music score. Yet, despite its comedic elements, the film doesn’t shy away from insanely gory (practical) makeup effects. 

If you are a fan of slashers, In a Violent Nature is a must see. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to respect its relentless commitment to the bit. 

– Kevin Monahan

“Chris Rush’s well-shot but exceedingly gruesome gorefest mashes up all the slasher-flick tropes for a bloody genre salute.” – Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News

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