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Poster for L’Homme Blessé (The Wounded Man)
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L’Homme Blessé (The Wounded Man)

Opens on April 8

Director: Patrice Chéreau Run Time: 109 min. Release Year: 1983 Language: French

Starring: Claude Berri, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Lisa Kreuzer, Roland Bertin, Vittorio Mezzogiorno

Spotlight Feature

Henri is a lonely, isolated young man who lets no one get close to him. He meets a street hustler and comes out of his shell, going 180 degrees into gay obsession. Though he has yet to physically approach the object of his affection, Henri builds up so much unrequited lust that it explodes with horrible results.

Tickets for this special screening are $15. No Brattle passes accepted.


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