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Lucky Grandma

Opens on July 11

Director: Sasie Sealy Run Time: 87 min. Release Year: 2020

Starring: Emma Hong, Hisao-Yuan Ha, Michael Tow, Tsai Chin, Yan Xi

In this comedic crime film, the charismatic Tsai Chin (Joy Luck Club, You Only Live Twice) plays a supremely feisty Chinese grandma living in New York City. Grandma has been told that her luck is going to be strong this year so she withdraws her life savings and hits the casino – only to lose it all after an unbelievable streak. On the bus home, her seatmate has a heart attack and Grandma seizes the opportunity to make off with the bag of cash that he has been carrying. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of a gang war as rival groups try to track down the money that she denies ever seeing. Co-writer/director Sasie Sealy manages a remarkable juggling act – striking a wonderful balance between the hilarious antics of the ornery Grandma and the deadly serious situation that she puts herself in while also bringing in sweet elements of family and friendship.


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