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Poster for Mulholland Drive
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Mulholland Drive

Opens on April 3

Director: David Lynch Run Time: 147 min. Format: 35mm Film Release Year: 2001

Starring: Justin Theroux, Laura Harring, Naomi Watts, Rebekah Del Rio

In this glorious puzzle-box of a film, David Lynch lays bare the dichotomy between the dream-world vision of Hollywood and the often sordid and brutal reality. For our belated celebration of the 20th anniversary of this masterpiece by one of our favorite film artists, The Brattle is thrilled to welcome singer/songwriter Rebekah del Rio to our stage for a special performance and Q&A. Ms. Del Rio is responsible for the haunting Spanish-language version of Roy Orbison’s Crying heard in a key scene of MULHOLLAND DRIVE.

Rebekah Del Rio in Person on Sunday, April 3 only

“A wonderfully Lynchian dive into the dream and the reality of Hollywood, moviemaking, acting and love.” – Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

Please Note: All in-person screenings at the Brattle now require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test (within 72-hours). See the Covid Response page for complete details.