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Poster for Paris Is Burning
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Paris Is Burning

Opens on October 7

Director: Jennie Livingston Run Time: 71 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1991

The Queer Film Guide’s Kyle Turner in Attendance!

What we owe to Black trans and queer people of color is nearly unquantifiable. The current cultural landscape has ingested and regurgitated their language and affect, profiting from it without necessarily granting those communities the same respect or resources. And, despite its complicated meta-narrative, Jennie Livingston’s incendiary documentary PARIS IS BURNING is one of the great testaments to Black queer life.

Double Feature with THE QUEEN

Staff Pick!

Shelby: “I’m most excited to see ‘Paris is Burning’ in October! To see such an integral piece of film to the queer community brought back onto the big screen for LGBT History month is one of those incredible Brattle experiences I can’t wait to share!”


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