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Robot Monster

Opens on May 12

Director: Phil Tucker Run Time: 66 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1953

Starring: Claudia Barrett, George Barrows, George Nader, Gregory Moffett

Restored in 3D!

At last, the most demented, delirious, and delightful 3-D film of the Golden Age arrives in this astounding new digital restoration! A cosmic catastrophe has wiped out humanity, and now the last six survivors must outwit that strangely iconic alien menace, Ro-Man. Taking orders from the pitiless Great Guidance, Ro-Man only wavers in his pursuit of human annihilation when he goes bananas for Claudia Barrett. Can dashing young Roy save her? Filmed in the Tru-Stereo process, Robot Monster boasts excellent 3-D that rivals the big studio efforts of its day. – BayView Entertainment


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