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Poster for The Becomers

The Becomers

Opens on March 23

Director: Zach Clark Run Time: 86 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2023

Starring: Isabel Alamin, Keith Kelly, Mike Lopez, Molly Plunk, Russell Mael

New England Premiere

Filmmaker in Person

Back to BUFF for the first time since 2016’s Little Sister, Zach Clark returns with a truly out-of-this-world, genre-bending, body-swapping rom-com road movie that defies all expectations. A pair of Earth-marooned aliens must body-jump across America in search of each other and find their place in this big wide universe along the way.

As the aliens grapple with the increasingly wilder circumstances into which they jump via their host bodies, an underlying violent insanity of the American landscape – in all senses of the word – becomes clear. 

THE BECOMERS offers a singularly strange and charming meditation on the human condition. Featuring narration from Sparks legend Russell Mael, standout performances from Molly Plunk and Mike Lopez, and a delightful dose of Cronenbergian body horror, this film is one for the weirdos with heart.

– Nicole McControversy

“Clark delivers a winsome genre-bender that’s as likely to make you chuckle as it is to test your gag reflex.” – Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting

“Whoever said an alien invasion couldn’t be romantic? The Becomers has a solid take on body invasion and the potential loss of humans on Earth, but it does so in the name of love.” – Deirdre Crimmins, Rue Morgue Magazine

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