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The Big Clock

Opens on June 10

Director: John Farrow Run Time: 95 min. Format: 35mm Film Release Year: 1948

Starring: Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester, Maureen O'Sullivan, Ray Milland

Introduction by Film Noir Foundation’s Foster Hirsch!

George Stroud (Milland), editor of Crimeways, America’s most popular true-crime magazine, finds himself the prime suspect in the murder of his publisher’s mistress with whom he’s just shared a day-drinking dalliance. Earl Janoth, the tyrannical Murdoch-like publisher, is played with sinister relish by Charles Laughton, whose real-life wife, Elsa Lanchester, provides comic support as a kooky Greenwich Village artist. One of the most suspenseful noir films of all time. 

Double Feature with CALL NORTHSIDE 777

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