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Poster for The Devil Queen (A Rainha Diaba)
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The Devil Queen (A Rainha Diaba)

Opens on April 14

Director: Antonio Carlos da Fontoura Run Time: 100 min. Release Year: 1974 Language: Portuguese with English subtitles

Starring: Milton Gonçalves, Nelson Xavier, Odete Lara, Stepan Nercessian, Wilson Grey

Throwback from 1974

Crime queen and drug dealer Diaba finds out that the police are after his protégé and decides to “make up” a new bandit to turn in in his place.

Imagine it is Brazil, 1974. Okay now imagine if John Waters and Pulp Fiction had a gay child who is campy, transgressive and loves drag and crime. That child is this film. That feeling you’re getting? We got it too and are so excited to share this throwback with you!

Content Warning: Drug Use, Blood, Transphobia, Slurs, Death

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