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Poster for The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary
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The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary

Opens on April 29

Director: Rudy Childs Run Time: 89 min. Release Year: 2023

Starring: Jerry Lehane, Paul Lovell, Tommy Long

Director Rudy Childs, Executive Producer Jada Maxwell, Executive Producer James Young, Subject Jerry Lehane, and Subject Peter O’Halloran in Attendance

Are you ready to experience what Lou Mansdorf at Rum Bar Records likes to call “Garage Rock 101”? See this intimate glimpse into the early 80s Boston music scene. THE DOGMATICS: A DOGUMENTARY shares the untold story of the band that unwittingly pioneered and became emblematic of the genre. This documentary is a four-year effort by family and friends, crafted as a tribute to the Dogmatics’ late co-founder and bassist Paul O’Halloran.

It takes you back to the origins of The Dogmatics, recorded on long-forgotten 8mm film reels, giving you a glimpse into the dilapidated loft on Boston’s rundown South End, where the band lived along with many other talented musicians. The quartet was no different than any other talentless, self-deprecating, beer-swilling, girl-chasing lunkheads with guitars. It wasn’t about money. Catching a girl’s eye, a free round of drinks, or simply completing a song in unison were their rewards.

But somehow, success would discover them as they created music that everyone could agree on. As their songs appealed to many audiences, they became known to many as “Boston’s House Band.” It’s not just a story of brothers—by blood and bond—but a rock and roll quartet that included identical twins with a shared passion for music and its rich history.

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