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Poster for The Shining
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The Shining

Opens on June 17

Director: Stanley Kubrick Run Time: 144 min. Format: 35mm Film Release Year: 1980

Starring: Danny Lloyd, Jack Nicholson, Scatman Crothers, Shelley Duvall

Happy Father’s Day!

One of cinema’s baddest bad dads joins us for this Father’s Day run of Stanley Kubrick’s horrific masterpiece. When Jack Torrance (Nicholson) decamps his family to a secluded Colorado hotel to be the winter caretakers, he has his sights set on writing the Great American Novel in the peace and quiet provided. Unfortunately, their sojourn is quickly interrupted by the festering evil at the heart of both the hotel and Jack himself.

Please Note: As of April 20, The Brattle will no longer require proof of vaccination/negative test result to attend our events, however masks are still required except when actively eating or drinking. Please visit the Covid Response page for complete details.