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Poster for Transsexuals from Space
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Transsexuals from Space

Opens on April 14

Director: Brina Run Time: 74 min. Release Year: 2021

Starring: Ashley Amber Bottoms, Brina, Gail Barber, Kristen Augenfeld, Scott Anthony Clarke

Festival Spotlight

With Director Brina Healy in person.

50s/60s Space Cosplay Encouraged

Who knew Aliens could be so Campy?

This is a local production that features campy, queer aliens! The style of the film is remenscent of 1950s cinema, like a lost Ed Wood film, which adds to the camp in the best ways. Also since it’s local you could make a drinking game of every space you recognize while watching the film.

Presented with…

Agents of Change, Project: Polymer

Jett Garrison • USA • English • 16 min

AGENTS OF CHANGE, Project: Polymer is a spy-genre film that centers a fully a queer and transgender cast while bringing issues facing the environment to the forefront. Rookie secret agent Guy Longani is on a take-along mission to expose the ringleader of an illegal plastic dumping scheme, but when the operation goes awry, he must earn the trust of his more experienced partner if they’re going to bring an evil mastermind to justice.

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