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Opens on April 13

Director: David Lambert Run Time: 83 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2024 Language: English and French with English subtitles

Starring: Brigitte Poupart, Dave Johns, Joel Gosset, Olivier Gourmet, Vanessa Van Durme

Festival Spotlight

Since Thom and Henri met 35 years ago, their love for each other has never faltered. The seemingly perfect life they had built in Brussels started to go awry when Henri retired from being a police officer. Now, Henri’s days seem to stretch endlessly, each one as bland as the next while his feelings for Thom are fading fast. They drift away from each other a little more each day, to the point that their house has become a battleground. Thom’s love for Henri remains strong though and he is not ready to give up. He will do anything to save his relationship and rekindle their love, even if that means asking Henri for a divorce.

Thom and Henri’s have been together for 35 years. When Henri’s retirement triggers a period of introspection about his life, their relationship faces tension as both men navigate their identities individually and as a couple. This is very emotional, be sure to pack your tissues.

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G flat

Peter Darney • UK • English • 18 min

84 year old cellist Ceri has lost his husband to cancer and his ability to play to a debilitating stroke. His dull life is spent in solitude, save for the interruptions of agency carers and the solace of his I-pad. Seizing the opportunity that a night time staff shortage brings, he uses Grindr to invite 20 year old rent-boy Iestyn to visit. To Ceri’s surprise, Iestyn is a Violinist at a near-by conservatoire who is supporting himself through sex work. An appreciation of contemporary orchestral music instantly bonds them; but when it’s time to get down to business, we find Ceri was looking for a very different experience to the one Iestyn had expected to provide.

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