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Unfaithfully Yours

Opens on June 11

Director: Preston Sturges Run Time: 105 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1948

Starring: Barbara Lawrence, Linda Darnell, Rex Harrison, Rudy Vallee

Introduction by Film Noir Foundation’s Foster Hirsch!

As film noir swept over late ‘40s Hollywood, Preston Sturges created the first full-length parody of the genre with this mordantly hilarious tale of a jealous orchestra conductor (Harrison) envisioning three distinct plots to murder his supposedly unfaithful wife (Darnell). Turning The Postman Always Rings Twice into uproarious comedy takes only a few tweaks and twists for this genuinely brilliant auteur. Side-splitting farce is made even funnier by Harrison’s demonically deadpan portrayal of the megalomaniacal would-be murderer. 

Double Feature with SLEEP, MY LOVE

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