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Poster for Wake (Subic)

Wake (Subic)

Director: John Gianvito Run Time: 277 min. Format: Digital Projection Release Year: 2015

New England Legacy: John Gianvito

The grave pollution of the environment and adverse health effects faced by residents of the area around a former U.S. naval base [Subic Bay Naval Base] in Luzon Island, the Philippines. In this 227-minute work that continues on from his previous film, Vapor Trail (Clark), John Gianvito is listening to the voices of the people. (Yamagata IDFF program notes)

Vapor Trail (Clark) and Wake (Subic) form two halves of a diptych that I have labeled, For Example, the Philippines. ‘For Example,’ because the human, environmental, societal horrors displayed in these works can be found all over the world. The story of what the US and its Filipino collaborators have done to the people and the landscape of that country has been and continues to be replicated in so many places, both inside and outside the US.” — John Gianvito, in an interview with José Sarmiento Hinojosa & Mónica Delgado for Desistfilm

Along with Vapor Trail (Clark), both parts of this diptych will be available to stream for free from September 27 – October 3, 2021 as part of the DocYard’s New England Legacy retrospective screenings featuring John Gianvito.

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