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Poster for Bicycle Film Festival Presents The Engine Inside
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Bicycle Film Festival Presents The Engine Inside

Coming on June 22

Run Time: 90 min.

Hosted by Bicycle Film Festival, MassBike, & Greater Boston NEMBA

Presented by Shimano

50% of all ticket sales goes to support the filmmakers, Anthill Films and the other 50% of all ticket sales supports the cohost, MassBike. Consider making an additional donation to MassBike at check out. MassBike’s mission is to make bicycling an integral part of human-centered communities, policies, culture, and infrastructure in Massachusetts. More information:

The new documentary feature film, “The Engine Inside” tells the stories of six everyday people from all over the globe, who reveal the unique power of the bicycle to change lives and build a better world. Through each character’s story, the film uncovers the often-overlooked potential of this 200-year-old machine, exploring its impact on a wide-range of global issues such as physical and mental health, socio-economic inequality and climate change.

By shining a light on people who have embraced cycling as a way to overcome daunting personal and systemic challenges, The Engine Inside ultimately asks viewers to reconsider their own perspective. Is there a transformative power within us all that can be unlocked through the simple act of riding a bike?

Narrated by the “voice of cycling” Phil Liggett, paired with an eclectic soundtrack and immersive cinematography, the film weaves together an emotional and informative celebration of the bicycle’s world-changing potential.

Shimano, Pon.Bike and PeopleForBikes present an Anthill Films production. Starring: D-Blocks, Noran Salah, Megan Hottman, Jay Bearhead, Janice Tower, and Kwabena Danso with Danny Macaskill and Robert Gesink. Directed by: Darcy Wittenburg, Darren McCullough, Colin Jones

About Bicycle Film Festival

Founded in New York in 2001, Bicycle Film Festival has been celebrating bicycles through art, film and music for the last 23 years. BFF spanned the world in 100 cities to an audience of over one million people. The international locales included Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mexico City, Cape Town and Istanbul and more at some of the most important venues such as Sydney Opera House and the Barbican or an old factory in Zurich. The subcultures of cycling have shared equal billing with the most exciting innovators in music, art, design and film. Participants have included: Erykah Badu, Karl Lagerfeld, Francesco Clemente, Shepard Fairey, Albert Maysles, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Alex Katz, Kaws, Gavin Turk, Mike Mills, Paul Smith, the Neistat Brothers, Tom Sachs, Ridley Scott, Kiki Smith, Swoon, and Ai Weiwei.

Having created a social phenomenon with over 1 million attendees to date, BFF has influenced the transformation of cities worldwide and encouraged environmentalism through these cultural events. This festival is a celebration of way a life––not just entertainment.


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