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Poster for Encounters of the 3rd Degree

Encounters of the 3rd Degree

Coming on April 7

Run Time: 91 min.

Short Film Program • Women’s Shorts

Get ready for a rollercoaster of unexpected connections and serendipitous encounters in this lineup of shorts, where love, laughter, and life intertwine in the most surprising ways.
– Katie Shannon and Sofia Wickerhauser, Programmers

Life in Canada

Frederic Rosset • Canada • French • 20 min

Sarah goes to the weekend of her parents’ anniversary accompanied by Hermione, 10 years old, the daughter of her partner. But the absence of this last one does not delay to raise the interrogations…


Courteney Tan • United Kingdom • English • 13 min

On the night before her flight home, a Malaysian woman with a secret finds herself on an impromptu date with another woman.

Queen Size

Avril Besson • France • French • 20 min

This morning, Marina has an appointment with Charlie to sell her a mattress. This evening, she will cancel her plane for Reunion. But they don’t know that yet.


Summer Sveinson • United States • N/A • 5 min

Brush is the Story of Olivia and Kristen’s romantic relationship told through point of view of their bathroom mirror, and the monumental relationship moments that happen during the mundane task of brushing their teeth. From the first night they hook up, when Kristen didn’t bring a toothbrush because this was “unexpected”, to Oliva presenting Kristen with her own toothbrush, to the blissful monotony and intimacy of sharing a bathroom, to the moment Olivia decides to throw Kristen’s toothbrush away because she knows she is never coming back. Brush explores the beauty and pain of a relationship as well as the the pieces you take with you forever.

Grandma Bruce

Brooke Stern Sebold • United States • English • 13 min

Grandma Bruce is a magical short comedy about a queerdo (they/them) whose old car comes to life with the spirit of their judgmental Jewish grandmother, a backseat driver from the ever after.

Queerfully Departed

Trent Nakamura • United States • English • 10 min

When Mimi dies in the middle of a hysteroscopy, she is greeted by a queer archangel, who reveals that her soulmate is the doctor who accidentally killed her. As she realizes she hasn’t done much in life, she fights for a second chance.


Coral Knights • United Kingdom • English • 16 min

Rosa unexpectedly finds herself spending an evening out alone as her daughter throws an 18th birthday party in their house. Wasting time in her small Cornish town, she spies a woman she has met once before – and is drawn to her.

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