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Poster for Eustache Shorts Program #2

Eustache Shorts Program #2

Coming on September 10

Run Time: 73 min.

New Restorations!

Alix’s Pictures

1980 • dir Jean Eustache • 18 min • DCP • French with English subtitles
Winner of the 1982 Cesar Award for Best Short Film, ALIX’S PICTURES is Eustache’s playful meditation on the ambiguity of images and the elusiveness of interpretation. A young woman describes to a young man the stories, techniques, and meanings behind several of her meticulously composed photographs. But at some point, her explanations don’t seem to match what we see.

Employment Offer

1982 • dir Jean Eustache • 21 min • DCP • French with English subtitles
Eustache’s final film is a sharp satire of contemporary man’s dehumanization at the hands of specialized psychology. In the first half, an unemployed man seems to do well in a job interview. In the second half, a handwriting analyst assesses the suitability of each candidate by identifying their various subconscious faults as revealed in their cover letters.

Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Delights

1981 • dir Jean Eustache • 34 min • DCP • French with English subtitles
French television series Les enthousiastes asked art afficionados to offer their thoughts and interpretations about paintings that they themselves selected. For this episode, directed by Eustache, Jean-Noël Picq chose the third panel of Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights.

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