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Poster for Eustache Shorts Program #3

Eustache Shorts Program #3

Coming on September 12

Run Time: 112 min.

New Restorations!

The Pig

1970 • dir Jean Eustache, Jean-Michel Barjol • 52 min • DCP • This film is intentionally unsubtitled.
In THE PIG, Eustache (and co-director Barjol) creates a cinéma vérité record of a farming community’s ritual slaughter of a pig. The documentary captures in unflinching detail—and in beautifully unpolished black-and-white cinematography—the procedural killing and butchering of the animal, resulting in a depiction of both the physical gruesomeness and artisanal craft of such work.
Content warning: THE PIG contains graphic depictions of animal slaughter and butchery.

A Dirty Story

1977 • dir Jean Eustache w/Michael Lonsdale • 50 min • DCP • in French with English subtitles
Deceptively simple in form and content, Eustache’s A DIRTY STORY is a fascinatingly complex investigation of the relationship between fiction and documentary, verbal and visual storytelling, and personal and universal desires. The film’s two sections mirror each other: in the first Michael Lonsdale plays the role of a man recounting to a roomful of friends his past voyeuristic obsessions, while the second section shows an unscripted recording of the man Lonsdale has just played recounting the same real-life tale.

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