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Poster for Friendship Is Magic

Friendship Is Magic

Coming on March 23

Run Time: 95 min.

Maybe the true adventure was really the friends we made along the way, even if some of them weren’t really friend-friends.These 11 films will take you on a wild ride, and remind you how (mostly) human we still all are.

— Melinda Green


We Joined A Cult
Chris McInnroy, United States, 4 min
Some people take adult kickball way too seriously. 

Barely Breathing
Derek Evans, United States, 20 min
The most touching autoerotic asphyxiation film you will see this year.  

Type A
Jake Barcus, United States, 3 min
Hey, don’t think that it can’t happen to you. 

Tiki Bar Funeral Home
Amy DePaola, United States, 14 minutes
You only live once. See you at the crossroads with a Mai Tai.  

Stan Behavior
Tyler C. Peterson, United States, 15 min
Only once we acknowledge drag-electical materialism can the revolution begin. 

Talia Krohmal, Massachusetts, 4 min
Live laugh RUN

Men Grieving
Adam Peltier, United States, 13 min
Is this one of those manhood-in-crisis films?

The Encounter
G. Gotham Smith, Massachusetts, 2 min
Like two ships but the ships are dudes. 

Gústi the Strong vs The Merman
Gunnjón Gestsson, Iceland, 10 min
Fishing, friendship, and wrestling with your new favorite superhero. 

The Flacalta Effect
Rochée Jeffrey, United States, 8 minutes
The skinniest bitches you know just got really hungry. 

Spank Patrol
Kevin Ralston, United States, 3 minutes
Call the only good cops.


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