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Poster for G.T.F.O.


Coming on April 14

Run Time: 106 min.

Short Film Program

GTFO is for the films we love because of their weirdness. We have Vico Ortiz. We have talking boobs. We have ghost boyfriends. We have someone cumming gold. Come and see all our weird, fun finds.

Program includes…

If I am Here it is by Mystery

Clari Ribeiro • Brazil • Portuguese • 22 min

New Rio, 2054 AD. The Order of Truth wreaks havoc on the streets, killing every being that has special powers. Renowned witch Dahlia is determined to beat the Order and assembles a clan of trans and queer people, each with their own supernatural talent. The fate of the city is in their hands. Content Warning: Simulated Murder

The Peach Activations

Nadine Faraj • Canada • English • 9 min

The Peach Activations is a devoted homage to the butt, fleshy and jiggly, funny and lovable, as diverse in appearance as the face itself. The film documents, in mesmerizing slow motion, impromptu private performances by amateur activators who pinch, poke, stroke, slap, or shake butts. The artist filmed many scenes at Fire Island Pines and received plenty of additional footage contributed by collaborators worldwide. Enthusiastic consent was granted by all participants before, during, and after every step of the creation of this film. This means that models and butt (peach) activators have fully consented to participating in the performances as well as in the dissemination of this video artwork. Most participants have chosen to remain anonymous. The Peach Activations, Volume I, is Nadine Faraj’s first art film, conceived to be released in several segments as its title suggests.

Neon Roses

Iven Tu • United States • English • 11 min

After a bereaved young man uncovers a startling truth about his friend, he sets off on a daring and comedic escape, with the help of his ghost boyfriend.


Masashi Yamamoto • United States • English • 5 min

I feel your beat, you feel my rhythm, till the end. Content Warning: Animated Penises

Bold Eagle

Whammy Alcazaren • Philippines • Tagalog • 16 min

Bold Eagle is about an “alter,” a person who anonymously posts nudes and performs lascivious acts in the nether regions of the Internet. Trapped at home with hallucinogenic drugs and his talking cat, BOLD seeks refuge in the strong arms of strange men from the internet as they masturbate their way to true happiness.


Lokchi Lam • Canada • English • 7 min

Boob is a 7-minute romantic comedy following the trials of Butch, a large left boob who struggles with his masculinity, as he works to impress his new crush in unfortunately toxic ways. Butch may or may not end up getting the girl, but in trying he goes through anxiety, humiliation, and a transcendental experience. Shot entirely on green screen with an iPhone and animated to within an inch of its life using scraps from the internet, this film examines the tensions of normative transmasculinity from the perspective of one of its exiled subjects, the breast.


Krit Komkrichwarakool • Canada • English • 20 min

A married couple examines an unusual phenomenon when they discover a special ability during an intimate moment.


Michelle West • United States • English • 15 min

Chase is head over heels in love with Eliana, but they’ve got a problem that’s about to prove very hard to deal with. When Eliana’s ex-boyfriend, Garrett, unexpectedly passes away, she realizes that she may never have dick like that again. Tacos are delicious, but what if I want a hot dog every now and then? This catches Chase off-guard. She’s been left for men before and now is wondering if she’s enough for Eliana. They arrive at Garrett’s wake located at Miss Madam’s Funeral Parlour, a funeral home by day, moonlighting as an upscale brothel by night. When Eliana discovers her ex is rock hard in his casket, she comes up with a proposal to solve their problem – one more ride on Garrett’s saddle just for good measure. It’s unethical, unsanitary, and very unconventional. Chase wants to be supportive of her partner’s needs, but isn’t this going too far? In a story about freedom, pleasure, and leaving the past behind, Chase and Eliana must decide how unconditional their love really is. Content Warning: Implied Necrophilia

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