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Poster for Grrl Haus Cinema

Grrl Haus Cinema

Coming on April 18

Run Time: 90 min.

International and Local Short Films

All movies shown in their original language with English subtitles

Local and International short films by women, trans and non-binary artists. GRRL HAUS provides a platform for underrepresented voices in cinema through its focus on low-budget, DIY, underground and experimental works.

Read extended descriptions of these films and learn more about GRRL HAUS at

Featuring Films:

Director Rosh Zeeba, 19:50, GERMANY, IRAN
A reflective essay film exploring belonging and upheaval, addressing the Western exoticizing gaze and queer identity.

Haunted Body Haunted House
Directors Jack Gruman, Logan Puleikis, 5:15, US
Explores the politicization and commodification of feminine and transgender bodies through the lens of media tropes like commercial haunted houses, queer camp, and drag performance, raising questions about the haunting of our bodies by external entities and the internal struggle for liberation.

The Secret Lives of Lesbians Cats
Director Kate Jessop, 1:38, UK
A comedic take on what cats might discuss about their lesbian owners when humans aren’t around.

Mello, Judd, & Tooth Floss
Director Emily Flynn, 5:00, CA
Two friends create stories about passersby during their oceanfront lunch break, capturing a slice of life.

I wanna know
Director Coco Roy, 2:05, US
Music video for DEVIL HONEY aka Coco Roy

All That’s Left
Director Simone Holland, 13:01, US
Mercedes grapples with the blurring lines between reality and imagination while navigating a maze of transient individuals and inner demons.

Vile Vortex
Director Jenny Plante, 3:03, US
A brief history of the Bermuda Triangle.

Ghost Town
Director Molly Muse, 14:58, US
Two friends lumber into a ghost town to break a curse.

Made For Duty Overseas
Director Katie King, 4:37, UK
A noir-ish tale revolving around a packet of cigarettes, exploring aesthetic distractions and identity allure.

Trace on My Body
Director YUE Hua, 3:10, US, CHINA
A journey of self-acceptance and female gaze, prompted by physical illness, delving into scars, skin, and identity.

When i____
Director Janella Mele, 2:24, US
These worlds have teeth that feel everything. A landscape of trauma. Through a path of recovery.

Triskele & The Monsters Tools : A Solstice Invocation of Medusa Consciousness
Directors Ash Capachione, Maria Molteni, 6:00, US
A mystical journey centered on reclaiming narratives of Monsterized beings, invoking Medusa Consciousness and connection restoration.

How We Have Loved
Director EE Eelio Kihlstrand, 17:27, SWEDEN
Butch Jane’s solitude is disrupted when Dilo seeks refuge with her, revealing the haunting past of their shared home.


GRRL HAUS CINEMA, is a film festival, screening series, and collective dedicated to promoting the works of women, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer filmmakers in the realms of experimental, low-budget, and underground cinema.

Our emphasis on low budget and DIY culture creates a space for underrepresented voices in cinema to be heard by promoting creativity and diversity of expression through film.

Our aim is to offer a platform for emerging filmmakers and those without easy access to film funding by celebrating the innovative creativity that blossoms despite limited financial resources.

Diverging from traditional film festivals, GRRL HAUS adopts a dynamic model, hosting multiple events throughout the year reliably showcasing high-quality short films for a global audience.

We are based in both Berlin Germany EU and Boston Massachusetts USA with both locations hosting screenings throughout the year. We hold quarterly screenings at “The Brattle Theatre” in Cambridge MA, monthly screenings at Loophole Berlin, and outdoor summer screenings at “Mobile Kino Berlin”. We also host many pop-up screenings throughout the year at various DIY venues including international museums and underground clubs. Following the screenings, filmmakers provide insights into their work through Q&A sessions.

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