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Poster for Grrl Haus Cinema

Grrl Haus Cinema

Coming on February 28

Run Time: 90 min.

GRRL HAUS // Shorts and Music Videos

GRRL HAUS CINEMA returns to the Brattle on Feb 28th, featuring a unique lineup of music videos, micro shorts, experimental pieces, comedies, and a touch of drama. As an ongoing program, GRRL HAUS CINEMA showcases short films and video art exclusively crafted by women, non-binary, trans, and genderqueer artists. The program boasts a diverse mix of local, national, and international talents. With an emphasis on low budget and DIY, GRRL HAUS is a space for underrepresented voices in media arts.

And the Deluge – Chaire Louise
istén:’a – KJ Edwards
Avalanche of Sun – Francesca Pazniokas
Fish Bowl – Rachel Sweeney
All Hope (Music Video) – Danie Harris
Human Relationships (Micro Short) – Maria Romanova-Hynes
Universe Moves So Fast (Music Video) – Sarah E. Jenkins, Gina Kamentsky
An Artist’s Life (Micro Short) – Amanda Foreman
Rattle (Music Video) – Jaina Cipriano
Alone in Madness (Music Video) – Jess Lee
Imprints – Abigail Hendrix
Wiener – Natalie Peracchio
I HEART HORSE – Allison Radomski
When The Beat Drops – Amy Janna
Pyrotechnics – Onyou Oh
Here to Make Friends – Meghan Ross, Justin Ross

Visit the GRRL HAUS website for full film descriptions and artist bios.

All movies shown in their original language with English subtitles

Note: GRRL HAUS screenings are intended for mature audiences and contain films that may not be suitable for some.

GRRL HAUS CINEMA, operated entirely by volunteers, is a nonprofit film festival, screening series, and collective dedicated to promoting the works of women, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer filmmakers in the realms of experimental, low-budget, and underground cinema. Our emphasis on low budget and DIY culture creates a space for underrepresented voices in cinema.

Diverging from traditional film festivals, GRRL HAUS adopts a dynamic model, hosting multiple events throughout the year to consistently showcase high-quality short films crafted by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans individuals for a global audience.

At GRRL HAUS, we wholeheartedly embrace DIY culture and prioritize sharing these works with a wide spectrum of audiences. Whether it’s showcasing films in international museums or projecting them in underground clubs, our mission is to make these works accessible to all. We reject the notion of limiting exposure to the typical film festival networking crowd and strive to reach diverse audiences, celebrating the inclusivity of innovative and distinctive cinematic creations.
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