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Poster for Harvard Book Store Presents Dr. Sharon Malone

Harvard Book Store Presents Dr. Sharon Malone

Coming on April 10

Run Time: 90 min.

Harvard Book Store Presents:

Dr. Sharon Malone


Grown Woman Talk:
Your Guide to Getting
and Staying Healthy

in conversation with DEBORAH BECKER

Harvard Book Store welcomes DR. SHARON MALONE—chief medical officer of Alloy Women’s Health—for a discussion of her new book Grown Woman Talk: Your Guide to Getting and Staying Healthy. She will be joined in conversation by DEBORAH BECKER—senior correspondent and host at WBUR.


There are two ticket options for this event.

Book Included Ticket: Tickets include admission for one and one hardcover copy of Grown Woman Talk pre-signed by the author.

Free Admission Only Ticket: Ticket includes admission for one.

About Grown Woman Talk

The medical system today is increasingly complicated and impersonal, and unfortunately, it is not going to be less so in the future. The rules of engagement have changed in medicine, but no one has bothered to inform patients. Much is written about Black women and women of color, be it our increased cancer risk, our alarming obesity statistics, or our disproportionate risk of cardiovascular diseases, but very little is written for us, and a diagnosis from Dr. Internet doesn’t cut it. Talk about being sick? Dr. Sharon Malone is sick of that.

Grown Woman Talk is for all women who have often not been seen or heard. For more than three decades as a practicing Ob/Gyn in the nation’s capital and now as chief medical officer of Alloy Women’s Health, Dr. Malone has served women across the city all the way to the upper echelons of power. In this book, she gives us the nudge we all need to become effective and efficient advocates in getting the care we deserve. Part medical memoir of the Malone family experience tracing from the Jim Crow South to the highest corridors of power in Washington, part relatable clinical scenarios of women from all walks of life and experiences, and part practical medical and logistical advice, this book is a reliable and easy-to-understand resource. In addition to information on ailments like fibroids, cancer, heart disease, and perimenopause, it also helps us navigate the medical establishment of today with advice on how to choose a doctor, why our family’s health history matters, and how to decide among treatments. Combining emerging practices with the latest research the book addresses many women’s greatest gap, the one between what they believe and what is actually true.

With a combination of medical expertise, up-to-date science, and lived experience, Grown Woman Talk addresses the most common conditions women over forty deal with. And it helps women, especially Black women, identify the power they have and how to use it to chart a path to improve their health outcomes and thrive.

Praise for Grown Woman Talk

“In Grown Woman Talk, Dr. Sharon Malone offers straightforward advice on how to structure your healthcare experience, manage your personal health, understand menopause, and so much more. For Dr. Sharon, this isn’t just about how to live longer; it’s about how to live healthier—and happier.” —Michelle Obama, former First Lady and New York Times bestselling author of Becoming

“With an extraordinary combination of lived wisdom, professional expertise, insider perspective, warm sisterly love, and honesty, Grown Woman Talk offers a timely guide to truly taking control of our health, our healthcare, and our quality of life. Dr. Sharon Malone has filled every page with the vital information and the inspiration that we need to improve our health and extend our health spans—immediately!” —Kerry Washington, Emmy-nominated actress and New York Times bestselling author of Thicker Than Water

“For every woman who has ever felt unheard or marginalized by the healthcare system, Dr. Sharon Malone’s voice resonates with compassion, clarity, and an unyielding commitment to driving change. Grown Woman Talk is a must-read for women of all ages seeking validation and agency in a world that often denies them both.” —Naomi Watts, Academy Award–nominated actress

Masking Policy

Masks are encouraged but not required for this event.

Deborah Becker

Deborah Becker is a senior correspondent and host at WBUR.  Her reporting focuses on mental health, criminal justice and education. Deb is also a substitute host on several WBUR programs and helps produce and report for various WBUR special projects. Deb also worked on the launch of WRNI, Rhode Island’s NPR News Station, where she served as Morning Edition host and host of the weekly show “Focus Rhode Island.” Before coming to WBUR, Deb worked at Monitor Radio, the broadcast arm of The Christian Science Monitor newspaper. She also worked at several Boston area radio stations. Deb has received numerous awards for her hosting, newscasts, reporting and investigative reporting.

Photo Credit: Liz Linder

photo of Dr. Sharon MaloneDr. Sharon Malone

Sharon Malone, M.D., is a board-certified OB/GYN and a certified menopause practitioner who has practiced medicine in the nation’s capital for more than thirty years. She is the chief medical officer of Alloy Women’s Health and a passionate advocate for improved research and education around women’s health in midlife. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Eric Holder.

Photo Credit: Eli Turner


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