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Poster for How You Living?

How You Living?

Coming on March 24

Run Time: 93 min.

Welcome to the Sunday morning shorts block! BUFF is thrilled to have brought together this line-up of films from the US, Canada, and Switzerland.

I say “brought together” but, really, these films escaped.

These tales of apartment dwellers, office workers, mistreated Martians, folks just needing a moment to unwind, and a wayward parrot have all escaped. Having had it with their respective situations, they roam free now. But you can meet them all at the Brattle Theatre on March 24th where they will tell you their stories and ask, “How are you living?”

—George Luke


Kyle Marchen, Canada, 12 min.
Isha explains to her neighbor how her building’s lack of a simple compost heap has complicated her life.

Brian Lederman, USA, 7 min.
From the confines of his drab office cubicle, Aaron receives a desperate plea from someone in an even worse situation than his own.

Get Me Off This Fucking Planet, Quincy
John Yost, USA, 15 min.
Upper-class colonists on Mars feel their power slipping when neither money nor threats can keep their would-be servants from seeking a better afterlife on Earth.

Gabriel Auclair-Doucet, Canada, 4 min.
Elsa is a very discerning customer in the market for a new house salesman.

Order for Pickup
Jackie! Zhou, USA, 13 min.
Sinking ever deeper into her job, screening her calls, Kelsey gets a message from the only person that might save her.

Animal Facts
Lars Mulle, Switzerland, 19 min.
The path of a missing parrot cuts through a town full of people also yearning to break free.

Lipstick & Light Bulbs
Tamara Hernandez, USA, 9 min.
An evening’s plans are ruined when a roommate comes home a day early.

Deep Tish
Dave Paige, USA, 13 min.
A.J.’s attempt at unplugging and relaxing with a deep tissue massage thrusts him into a new level of scrutiny and judgment.


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