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Poster for International Shorts: Across the Pond

International Shorts: Across the Pond

Coming on April 4

Run Time: 90 min.

Shorts Program

In the next 90 minutes you will travel across the ocean on a boat, and break up with your girlfriend. You will (accidentally) come out to your dad and find things about him that you never wanted to know. You will invite a stranger to your home and regret a lost lover. And you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears. Curated by Giuseppe Di Caprio

Tickets for this special screening are $15. No Brattle passes accepted.

Belongs to Anat

Marva (27) finds that on every item in her home there’s a note that reads “Belongs to Anat”. understanding that Anat has left her and that she is on her own, she goes on a journey asking people for guidance. That fails, so in a desperate attempt she sings Anat a love song in the lobby of her office building.
Directed by Yuval Barnea • 17 m • Hebrew • Israel

Christopher at Sea

After embarking as a passenger onboard a cargo ship returning to Europe, Christopher begins to question his sanity and his perception of time, in this romantic psychological thriller at sea.
Directed by Tom CJ Brown • 15 m • English, French • France


Today, Rosa celebrates the anniversary of her engagement with Roberto. While she waits for him for dinner, she spends the afternoon in the pool with her younger brother Angelo. They begin to comment on a news story from a few days earlier, when the body of a boy was found in a field a few kilometers from the city. Roberto arrives home earlier than expected, and the glances between the three become enigmatic and restless.
Directed by Marius Gabriel Stancu • 17 m • Italian • Italy

My Life At The Beginning

It is New Year’s Eve in Medarcos, a small town in the mountains of Madrid, inhospitable and frozen. Rome is 9 years old and his favorite place is on the lap of his father, Rodolfo. But the atmosphere is unsettled.
Directed by Ana Puentes Margarito • 15 m • Spanish • Spain


Love, hate, desire and jealousies are in the middle of a couple, that of Andrea and Fabrizio, who question the certainties of their relationship and their feelings.
Directed by Federico Mottica • 17 m • Italian • Italy

The Talk

The life changing conversation that takes place between father and son when staunchly unionist father Dennis walks in on his son Barry in bed with a man.
Directed by Jonathan Hughes • 10 m • English • Ireland

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