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Poster for MENA Shorts

MENA Shorts

Coming on April 14

Run Time: 104 min.

Short Film Program • Stories from MENA and the Diaspora

From North African diaspora stories of queer liberation and to tales of young love in Iran, this year’s queer MENA stories are sure to leave you with a lasting smile.

Program includes…

Maghreb’s Hope

Bassem Ben Brahim • Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Brazil • Arabic • 24 min
Through a fusion of drawing, animation techniques, and real-life footage, these artistic portrayals highlight the experiences of queer individuals from the Big Maghreb region, including Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. These individuals have courageously shattered societal taboos surrounding their gender and sexuality, defying legal, social, and familial pressures, even among those who have chosen to distance themselves from their families.


Samira Karimi • Iran • Persian • 10 min

2 lesbian high school girls who decide to erase footage from the school’s CCTV cameras end up getting locked up at school.


Siham Bel • France • French • 29 min
Since she left Corsica where she grew up, Safia has always secured family balance. To protect her relationship with her father, she has never told him about her homosexuality. On a summer evening, she breaks the secret and runs away. On the road along the Calanques creeks, as she makes her way through a new life, she has now to learn to live for herself beyond other people’s eyes and maybe against those she loves most.


Nazanin Vahed • Islamic Republic of Iran • Persian • 14 min

A young barber boy who is interested in one of his clients decides to reveal this interest and faces challenges along the way.

Youssou & Malek

Simon Frenay • France • French • 27 min
Youssou and Malek are in love but they now have to say goodbye. Tomorrow, Youssou is flying off to the other side of the world, leaving behind him Malek and the neighborhood where they grew up. They promised each other to meet at the top of the hill for their last sunset together.

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