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Poster for Menergy


Coming on April 11

Run Time: 116 min.

Short Film Program • Men’s Shorts

“The boys in the barroom living it up, shootin’ off energy. The guys on the sidewalk workin’ it out, talkin’ ’bout Menergy. The boys in the back room are laughin’ it up, shootin’ off energy. The guys in the street talk checkin’ you out, talkin’ ’bout Menergy. The boys in the bedroom lovin’ it up, shootin’ off energy. We all know the feelin’, it’s no mistery, talkin’ ’bout Menergy” – Patrick Cowley

– Program curated by Shawn Cotter and Craig Gimbrone

Program includes…


Ethan Fuirst • United States • English • 8 min

A gay man compares his life to the fable of Rumpelstiltskin. Funny/sad/universal.


Jerry Hsu • United States • English • 13 min

After being accepted into the Ivory Estates, a queer Asian man moves in with his new fiance and discovers that he’s the only person of color in the neighborhood and soon uncovers the estates’ secrets.


Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson • United States • N/A • 14 min

A valiant island warrior, wounded in battle against foreign invaders, falls into a mysterious underwater world. When the octopus who rescues him transforms into a handsome young man, they become aik?ne, intimate friends bound by love and trust, and an epic adventure begins.


Tai Leclaire • United States • English • 10 min

When a Queer Native Person at a music festival sees a Non-Native person wearing a ceremonial headdress, they retreat into their mind to find the perfect insult.

Safe Word

Christopher Cunetto • United States • English • 15 min

Cesar, an emotionally stunted masochist, must confront his self-loathing after his dom, Bear, reinterprets the rules of their game. They arrive at a paradigm-shifting result neither one of them expects.

Insta Gay

Simon Paluck • Canada • English • 13 min

A gay millennial reels after breaking-up with a popular influencer.

Pedro Had a Horse

Daniel Nolasco • Brazil • Portuguese • 24 min

While Pedro Americo denies having fabricated fake news, Paulo Setubal reveals the Emperor’s innermost secrets.

Matinee Baby

Thom Hilton • United States • English • 19 min

In this raunchy and outlandish queer comedy, best friends Robby and Noah-Lee – employees at Portland’s historic Clinton Street Theater – find themselves confronted by a parade of increasingly wacky, genre-tinged suitors.

Brattle Passes not accepted.

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