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Poster for Our Future Filmmakers

Our Future Filmmakers

Coming on April 13

Run Time: 89 min.

Short Film Program • Shorts From Up & Coming Voices

These Up & Coming filmmakers are about to bring you everything from being true to oneself, love, hate, acceptance, and so much more! See where the future of queer filmmaking is headed.
– Sofia Wickerhauser and Katie Shannon, Programmers

Program includes…

Poisoned Well

Radek Ševčík • Slovakia • Czech, Slovak • 14 min

October 12, 2022 – a terrorist attack in Bratislava – the death of innocent LGBTI+ people – no political response. Film-requiem discusses the deteriorating state of society after the attack, as well as the intimate feelings of LGBTI+ people, including the author himself. Suppressed emotions cannot be filtered even on a self-defense course, where the participants do not belong, where they are forced to be because of their fear. A rotten well poisons society’s opinions, which do not improve even after the attack. Do people really need to live in fear? Content Warning: Hate Crime, Homicide, Violence, Guns, Homophobia

Daughters of the Fatherland

Catarina Almeida • Portugal • Portuguese • 12 min

In 1968, Ines, a homossexual 18 year old girl, seeks her emancipation through the student movement when she is forbidden from attending law school.

The Prince’s Dilemma

Devin Rowe • United States • English • 5 min

The film follows Prince Philip, who longing to be with a prince of his own, must decide to follow the traditional tale expected of him or forge his own happily ever after.

Midnight on MSN

Elise Levy • France • French • 22 min

2008, beginning of summer, end of school. Laure is 13 years old. At night, she secretly talks to Alix on msn. But during the day, in their girls’ school, she avoids her – like everyone else. When Laure invites Alix home after school…

All Boys Do

Aaron Lovett • United States • English • 15 min

A trans drag queen crosses paths with an old flame on the streets of Los Angeles. Over the course of a weekend, the pair act on their unexplored desire for each other.

Forza, Rea!

Isabel Pahud, Isabel Clerici, Laura Zimmermann, Polina Tyrsa • Switzerland • Swiss • 3 min

In a hill-side village in Ticino, Rea wants to deliver a love letter to her crush. With her roller skates on, she rolls her way to her house. Before she can deliver the letter, however, it flies away downhill through the town. Rea embarks on a breakneck tumble through the village to catch the letter, dodging countless obstacles on the bumpy terrain of the old town streets, before finally delivering the letter.


Malik Ever • United States • English • 15 min

As summer comes to a close, kung-fu obsessed Ursula discovers she’s not the only outcast at an exclusive country club summer camp. With the kids’ golf tournament looming, Ursula hopes to win and prove her worth with the help of Chef Cormac, the transmasculine former ladies golf pro.

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