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Poster for Sound + Vision

Sound + Vision

Coming on March 23

Run Time: 103 min.

Experience an electrifying journey into the weird and wonderful world of music videos. This year we’re serving up a fancy feast of 27 mind-bending gems that push the boundaries of imagination. Brace yourself for a radical audiovisual adventure.

BUFF has once again scoured the dark corners of YouTube, Vimeo and beyond  to craft a monstrous mixtape of crazy good vids from across the globe. This year’s ensemble features all manner of brilliant, wild and heart-stopping stories.

— Shannen Ortale



“LA On Acid” – Dillon Francis & GTA
Directed by Parker Seaman

“Bogus Operandi” – The Hives
Directed by Aube Perrie

“Skipping Like A Stone” – The Chemical Brothers & Beck
Directed by Pensacola

“It’s You” – LA Priest
Directed by Eoin Glaister

“Absolve” – Jacques
Directed by Paul Trillo

“Anyway U Want It” – Bambina
Directed by Erin Murray

“Tanto” – Cassie Marin
Directed by King She

“HEADSPACE/BENT” – Benjamin Earl Turner
Directed by Abteen Bagheri

“Practice” – Jamila Woods
Directed by Carlos López Estrada

“Telephones 4 Eyes” – Hak Baker
Directed by Hugh Mulhern

“Alice” – PEGGY
Directed by Ben Phillippo

“XENA” – Skrillex & Nai Barghouti
Directed by Amara Abbas

“Locket” – Audrey Nuna
Directed by Valentin Petit

“Hi” – Chenny Britt
Directed by Viktor Herrmann

“Schwer” – Paul Kalkbrenner
Directed by Jovan Todorovic

“お茶 [OCHA]” – UA
Directed by Sojiro Kamatani

“Migrate” – Robert Ramirez
Directed by Nick Snow

“Big Hammer” – James Blake
Directed by Oscar Hudson

“Gift Horse” – IDLES
Directed by David M. Helman

“Truffles” – Mick Jenkins
Directed by Andre Muir

“Beautiful Life” – Michael Kiwanuka
Directed by Phillip Youmans

“Gimme Love” – Dhruv Visvanath
Directed by Tanvi Gandhi

“Casual” – Chappell Roan
Directed by Hadley Hillel

“Stranger in the Barn” – ISMAY
Directed by Rose Bush & Kirsten Bode

“Tokyo Calling” – ATARASHII GAKKO!
Directed by Pennacky

“My Barn My Rules” – Horsegiirl & MCR-T
Directed by Paul Herrmann


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