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Poster for The Dunwich Horrors

The Dunwich Horrors

Coming on March 22

Run Time: 94 min.

Brace yourself for The Dunwich Horrors, our mind-flaying collection of homespun horror. It’s an injection of nightmare fuel sourced from the minds of our intrepid regional visionaries, spotlighting the most unique, innovative, and provocative work in the northeast. Each startling burst of terror is woven from threads of anxiety, paranoia, and dread into a cinematic tapestry of unspeakable sights and sounds. From the quaint townships of Vermont, to the deep forests of Maine, no space is safe from the distressing visions creeping across the screen.

Our latest installment is a macabre mixtape brimming with invasive imposters, abominable apparitions, and malicious matriarchs. Here you’ll witness strange nocturnal beings lurking in the dark, a twisted community driven by bizarre urges, a fragmented family’s monstrous impulses, and other bone-chilling manifestations in short-form terror. Every macabre morsel is flavored with BUFF-approved what-the-fuckery that will leave you shattered to the core.

Be warned: once you’ve been exposed to the dark underbelly of the nor’east, you’re forever tainted.

— Chris Hallock


Within the Walls
Ben Swicker, MA, 3 min.

A family in a new home suspects they aren’t alone.

Mike Canale, MA, 2 min. 

Maria has a hard time sleeping at night.

Who’s There?
Ryan Doris, MA, 11 min. 

When a single father hears his daughter come home late, he begins to question if the voice he’s hearing is really hers… or something else.

Alex Hanno, ME, 9 min. 

While away on a technology detox in the northern reaches of Maine, an impressionable social media addict becomes the target of an unexpected visitor.

Cup of Tea
Diana Porter, MA, 10 min. 

A mother struggles to find out the truth about what happened to her daughter.

Padre Nuestro
K. Elisa Garcia, MA, 3 min.

A priest on his way to save a girl from being possessed, realizes that the antique he has is more than he expected.

The Piece
Emma Young, MA, 8 min. 

In her last rehearsal, a pianist fights to perfect her piece before fear manifests into an apparition beyond her control

Don’t Fall from Grace
Carley Byers, MA, 11 min.

When Grace’s body is puppeteered by a mysterious entity, her Mother is desperate to break her from the trance.

Ben Rooker, ME, 13 min. 

A young girl recluses from her illnesses, isolated from the outside world, and enters her world of drawing, where she must face her demons in order to reclaim herself.

Sweat Meats
Rebecca Myshrall, ME, 13 min. 

Let’s take a brief walk inside a world of matriarchal rule. Does it feel good to be here?

Come Back Haunted
Logan James Freeman, VT, 11 min. 

A reclusive woman’s carefully constructed life shatters when a blood covered child runs out of the woods, claiming her mother is trying to kill her.

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