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Poster for (Trans)portation


Coming on April 6

Run Time: 92 min.

Short Film Program • Transgender Stories

This shorts program seeks to highlight the lesser told trans stories, especially those told by trans people themselves. The stories often found and repeated in the world are not often the stories that resonate the most with the living trans experience. Transport yourself out of that narrative and into a more authentic trans experience.
– Amaya Love Coutracos, Programmer

Brattle Passes not accepted.

Program includes…


Claire Maske, Tati Chavitage • United States • English • 3min

A hand processed camera roll film meditating on gender and hair.

Code Switch

MX.ROTI (Micah Lyric Borneo) • United States • English • 5 min

Codeswitch follows a Black trans person as they navigate the barbershop, illuminating the complexity and dynamism of gender expression. Content Warning: Drug Use, Weed

Scaring Women at Night

Karimah Zakia Issa • Canada • English • 11 min

Two strangers are scared on a late walk home. As they try to escape one another, their worlds collide at an intersection forcing them to question who they’re afraid of and why.

The Voice of Fear

Henrique Arruda • Brazil • Portuguese • 6 min

In how many worlds has your fear trapped you? This film may not give you an answer, but it’ll show you some of mine.


Iranmehr Salimi • Iran • Persian

Zainab is a successful girl who supports her family financially, but considers herself a boy in spirit, and now she has decided to undergo gender transition, but in addition to her family’s opposition and the society’s inappropriate view of this issue, she has more difficulties There is something more important to come. she, who played in the country’s national volleyball team for a while and is now in the Bartar league, if she does this, she will be removed from professional volleyball forever due to her short stature compared to men, and not only will she lose her professional future, but also her livelihood and her family who are under her care will be in trouble.

My Dear

Hsin-Hui Huang • Taiwan • Chinese • 15 min

Jia-Lin is a transgender theatre actress who plays the role of a mother in a classic play. One day, her adopted son, Yu, was released from the Juvenile Detention House and settled down with Jia-Lin and Jia-Lin’s mother, but the family issue arose between the three as the play continued playing on the stage.

The Sketch

Tomas Cali • France • Portuguese, French • 9 min

Arriving in Paris, I start learning two languages, French and drawing. In an artist’s studio, I meet Linda Demorrir, a live model. Like me, she is transgender and an immigrant. As I draft her outlines, it is also myself that I learn to draw.


Tris Arthur • United States • English • 14 min

A teenager, unwillingly cast as the male lead in a coming-of-age film, runs away in search of their real identity. In accepting help from those around them, they begin to discover who they are while charting a path forward.

The Robbers

Isa Schieche • Austria • German • 16 min

Three trans women meet in a country house to plan a robbery. The trick of the heist is that, in order to create a false trail, they disguise themselves as men. While they share everyday life as a well-established team and lovers, they practice speaking in a deep voice, walking manly and behaving in a masculine manner. In this process, they reach their emotional and physical limits and repeatedly fail to imitate male connoted behavior.

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