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Poster for World’s Shorts

World’s Shorts

Coming on April 9

Run Time: 92 min.

Short Film Program • Cinematic Journeys Beyond Borders

Step into a world of cinematic morsels with our collection of international short movies that promise to tickle your taste buds and your funny bone. From the coast of Jersey to the Romani community in Sweden, and finally, a heartwarming bonding in an unexpected setting, join us for an evening of laughter, connection, and a side of fries – because life is better with a sprinkle of humor!
Giuseppe Di Caprio, Programmer

Program includes…


Astre Desrives • France • French • 29 min

Jersey, 1940. Threatened by the arrival of German troops on the island, Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, two lesbian and Jewish artists, decide to resist. Armed with their imagination and an 8mm camera, they create an army of “nameless soldiers” who panic the Nazi machine into a frenzy. This film reclaims the forgotten and fascinating True story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, surrealist artists who faced the Nazis during World War II. Director Astre Desrives revisits history by adding a queer and surrealist aesthetic, made of collage, surimpressions and electro music into this film, totally joyful and creative.


Alecio Araci • Sweden • Romany, Swedish • 15 min

Tommy’s grill is a meeting point for the Roma community. Here a tightly-knit but motley crew of people gather to eat and talk. When a lone young guy visits the restaurant one evening, rumors begin to spread and Tommy is forced to revisit traumatic memories. Content Warning: Suicide


Fernando Reinaldos • Spain, United States • English • 14 min

Leo is secretly in love with his best friend Kai. On their last day together before Leo moves to LA for college, they hide in the sports center where they have always played basketball. What starts as a prank ends with Leo confessing his…


Arthur Cahn • France • French • 25 min

When Bastien dies, his group of friends decide to get hold of his sex toy collection before his mother finds out. This is a story of friendship, love and farewell.

Dream Burger

Sami Kali • Switzerland • English • 9 min

Luke and Simon always go for burgers together after tennis. But this time, Luke wants to tell Simon how he really feels about him. How will Simon react? Luke’s vivid imagination leads us into some intense scenarios, only to reveal a…

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