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Wachowski Series 8-Film Pass ($80)

This package provides one ticket for all 8 films in our series “The Pop-Art Cinema of the Wachowski Sisters” running from Fri, June 4–Thu, June 9 and also includes a set of three stickers designed by Alex Kittle of panandscan.

Please Note: You will receive a code to use at ticket check-out but you must reserve each ticket individually. Only a limited amount of ticket packs are available!

Originally scheduled for April of 2020 just as the pandemic closure went into effect, we are pleased to bring back the Wachowski Sisters retrospective that never was!

Films Included:
THE MATRIX (35mm presentation!)
THE MATRIX RELOADED (35mm presentation!)
THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS (35mm presentation!)
CLOUD ATLAS (35mm presentation!)
SPEED RACER (35mm presentation!)
BOUND (35mm presentation!)
JUPITER ASCENDING (35mm presentation!)

Individual tickets go on sale Friday, May 13!

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Please check your email for the ticket pack details.

Thank you for purchasing a Wachowski Sisters Ticket Pack!

The code (included in the confirmation email) will allow you one ticket per screening. Please note: you must enter your email address and the code to redeem at checkout. You may purchase other ticket types at the same time but you will not be able to combine two codes in one purchase.

Your set of three stickers will be available at the box office beginning on the first day of the series (June 3). You may pick up at any time by giving your name.

Please feel free to contact should you have any questions.

See you at the movies!
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