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A Matter of Life and Death

Opens on September 4

Director: Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell Run Time: 104 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1946

Starring: David Niven, Kim Hunter, Marius Goring, Roger Livesey

Serving as an inspiration for BARBIE in everything from the beautiful matte painted sets to the dramatic use of lighting, A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH tells the story of a British airman (Niven) who crashes during a WWII bombing mission but miraculously survives and soon falls in love. Unfortunately, according to Heaven, it really was his time but he is granted the opportunity to plead for a second chance at life.

Double Feature with ALL THAT JAZZ

Staff Pick

“I’m looking forward to a few of the Romance/fantasy films in the Barbie’s Roots series that I’ve been meaning to see. A Matter of Life and Death is worth checking out for its ambition and imagination in storytelling, sets, and images.” – Markelle


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