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Director: David Lynch Run Time: 89 min. Format: 35mm Film Release Year: 1977

Starring: Charlotte Stewart, Jack Nance, Laurel Near

In September of 1978, The Brattle premiered David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD for midnight screenings and kept showing it through the middle of January 1979. A perfect midnighter, ERASERHEAD is a highly stylized, nightmare version of the old story about a regular guy who dreams of a better life.

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1979 • dir Suzan Pitt • 18 min • Digital
Restored by the Academy Film Archive

“Suzan Pitt’s animated short throws open the doors of perception onto a shape-shifting vision of polymorphous sexuality. A landmark in the history of independent animation, ASPARAGUS is a mesmerizing exploration of the artist’s inner world, and a viewing experience like no other.” – Criterion

“Pitt first found fame when her now classic animated film ASPARAGUS (1979) was selected to accompany David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD on its extended, ultimately almost two-year, run of midnight screenings. Nocturnal and elliptical, ASPARAGUS introduced audiences to the strange, surrealist-inflected and psycho-sexually charged oneircism that would remain a constant throughout her work, while showcasing Pitt’s consummate artistry and skill with variegated animation techniques—from multi-layered cell painting to claymation.” – Harvard Film Archive

Still image from Suzan Pitt's animated short ASPARAGUS

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