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My Imaginary Country

Opens on September 30

Director: Patricio Guzmán Run Time: 83 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2022 Language: Spanish

Premiere Run

In October 2019, there was an unexpected revolution, a social explosion. One and a half million people demonstrated in the streets of Santiago, Chile for more democracy, a more dignified life, a better education, a better health system, and a new Constitution. Chile had recovered its memory. The event that Patricio Guzmán had been waiting for since his student struggles in 1973 finally materialized. – Icarus Films

MY IMAGINARY COUNTRY is a thrilling, inspiring account of one country’s surge towards a reappraisal of their entire system of government that, sometimes painfully, reflects the situation in the US today. An initial vote on the new constitution will be held on Sept 4, but whatever the citizens of Chile ultimately decide, Guzmán’s stirring documentary—as with his other films about the history of his beloved country—will remain a powerful testament to the ongoing struggle for justice and freedom in Chile—a struggle that reverberates around the world. Over 40 years since The Brattle first hosted the New England premiere of Guzmán’s monumental THE BATTLE OF CHILE, we are thrilled to feature another chapter in his ongoing passion project which seeks to document the soul of a country.

“A vindication, not just for the nation, but for its most clear-eyed, full-hearted chronicler.” – Jessica Kiang, Variety

“Despite all the sorrow from the ever-present trauma of young lives lost or permanently scarred, ‘My Imaginary Country’ drips with the contagious thrill of hope… it is hard not to be moved.” – Rafaela Sales Ross, The Playlist

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