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Poster for Pearl
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Opens on March 4

Director: Ti West Run Time: 102 min. Format: 35mm Film Release Year: 2022

Starring: Mia Goth

Reel Film Day!

35mm prints of new films are a true rarity these days so we’re always excited when one is available… When it’s two and they are for such an apropos duo of films, we jump at the chance to play them. This prequel to X stars Mia Goth as a younger version of her octogenarian slasher Pearl. Stuck on the farmstead of her parents while her husband is off fighting in WWI, Pearl yearns to break free and starts an affair with the projectionist at the local movie theater… while also experimenting with her own dark desires. X is an impressive genre exercise but PEARL is something else altogether—a slasher origin story told with the color palate of a Douglas Sirk melodrama.

Double Feature with X

“If Douglas Sirk made a slasher flick, it would be Pearl.” – Christy Lemire, FilmWeek


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