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Solomon King

Opens on January 7

Director: Jack Bomay, Sal Watts Run Time: 85 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1974

Starring: Claudia Russo, James Watts, Sal Watts, Samaki Bennett

The Late Show

“Don’t you suckers know the days of Uncle Remus and Old Black Joe are gone?,” barks ex-CIA operative/ex-Green Beret/nightclub owner Solomon King to a group of Black gang members at the Sugar Hill Club, in actor/director/writer Sal Watts’s long-lost Black action film, SOLOMON KING. Shot independently in Oakland with a cast of mostly non-professional actors, SOLOMON KING boasts a killer soul-funk soundtrack and incredible clothes from Watts’s own Mr. Sal’s Fashion stores. The film stars Watts himself as an African American version of James Bond/Matt Helm, seducing beautiful nightclub singers and beating the crap out of the henchmen of an oil-obsessed Middle Eastern ruler. Produced on a shoestring budget and shot in many of the businesses Watts owned, the film is a priceless document of early Seventies Black culture, music, and fashion in Oakland—and a powerful metaphor for Black empowerment, with Solomon turning the tables on every duplicitous Establishment character he encounters. – Deaf Crocodile Films Brattle Debut!

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