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What’s Up Connection

Opens on January 9

Director: Masashi Yamamoto Run Time: 120 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1990 Language: Japanese

Starring: Li Cheong, Reiko Arai, Tse Wai-Kit

When Hong Kong teenager Gau Shin and his family of resourceful counterfeiters simultaneously win trips abroad, they happily accept their good fortune. Gau Shin travels to Tokyo, befriends a merry band of schemers, and returns home to find his family on the verge of eviction. While they were gone, a multinational conglomerate led by a ruthless Japanese developer has found their secluded fishing village and is determined to raze it to build a new center of world trade! 

WHAT’S UP CONNECTION unfolds as part unhinged globalization mini-epic, part fringe documentary, and part breathless, kaleidoscopic evocation of a specific pan-Asian cultural experience as the 1990s drew near. Bursting at the seams with possibility, it brings Japanese punk auteur Masashi Yamamoto’s passion for capturing beauty and resilience in the margins of society to its maximalist apex. – adapted from notes by Kani Releasing Brattle Debut!

In Cantonese, English and Japanese with English subtitles

Double Feature with ROBINSON’S GARDEN

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