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Poster for RPM Fest presents Sabine Gruffat & Bill Brown: Moving or Being Moved

RPM Fest presents Sabine Gruffat & Bill Brown: Moving or Being Moved

Coming on February 23

Run Time: 90 min.

RPM Festival and The Brattle co-present a program of experimental short films by dynamic artist-filmmaker duo Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown. Gruffat and Brown have been making experimental films, documentaries and essay films, and performing live electronic improvisation, for over two decades.

Sabine Gruffat explores different methods to generate content and images, from laser cutting/etching on 35mm film strips to 3D animation. Bill Brown is known for his nomadic filmmaking and for transporting us to various destinations. The seven shorts in this program highlight their praxis over the past 10 years.

A Return to the Return to Reason by Sabine Gruffat
2014 • 3 minutes • 35mm to HD

Framelines by Sabine Gruffat
2017 • 10:14 minutes

Take It Down by Sabine Gruffat
2018 • 12:30 minutes

Moving or Being Moved by Sabine Gruffat
2020 • 11 minutes

XCTRY by Bill Brown
2018 • 6:18 minutes

Life On The Mississippi by Bill Brown
2018 • 28:13 minutes

Amarillo Ramp by Sabine Gruffat & Bill Brown
2017 • 24:10 minutes

Post Screening Q&A with Sabine Gruffat, Bill Brown & Brittany Gravely

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Revolutions per Minute Festival (RPM Fest) is dedicated to short-form poetic, personal, experimental film, essay film, animation, documentary, video and audiovisual performance, and is co-hosted by Art and Art History Department and Cinema Studies at UMass-Boston, Brattle Theatre in Cambridge & Harvard FAS CAMLab.

Please Note: Face masks and full vaccinations are strongly recommended but not required. If you are feeling unwell, please contact us for a refund. Visit the Safety and Health Policies page for complete details.
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